You Need New Shades If You Have Children Running Around

Window blind cords can pose a serious threat to children. As a parent, it is impossible to watch your child every second. In those seconds where they are unattended, the cords can become a playful string. Without knowing it, it can be a death trap for small children and once parents notice the trouble, many times it is too late. The Hunter Douglas shades provide several stylish options to replace the corded blinds so that parents can avoid a potential tragedy from happening. 

Check and Replace All Window Blinds 

All of the window blinds that have cords should be replaced with something that takes the risk of your child injuring themselves away. A nice fabric shade is a viable option and it can fit any child’s style with different colors and fabrics available. Another thing to consider is to think about where they like to hang out, especially places that they might be alone for an extended period of time, such as in their rooms after naptime. If you can’t replace all of the blinds initially, this should be the starting point. 

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Places that your children go outside of the home should have cord-free shades as well. Grandma and grandpa likely have this style of blinds, being that they are an older and more common type. Talk to them about the safety of blinds without cords and how it can prevent strangulation for your children. You could also suggest to buy them new shades from Hunter Douglas to match their unique style. 

Finding The Right Shades

The great thing about Hunter Douglas shades is that they can fulfill any style, no matter how modern or eclectic it may be. You may not know what your style is anymore. Children can take a sense of yourself because of all the energy that is going into them and their needs. Choosing the right blinds could be a gateway to the path of the discovery of yourself again. Take this time to realize who you are and what you like. 

Decide whether you want a fabric base for your shades. If not, there are many ways to incorporate new shades that you will love. Newer technology advances can give you the ability to close and open your blinds with your voice. You can open beautiful shutters, wood paneling shades, or metal shades. 


Having the right shades when you have children is important. The wrong one could be the difference between life and death, especially if they have dangling cords to appeal to them. You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety, though. In fact, the Hunter Douglas shades give the best of both worlds, with some tech-savvy ways to show them off. 

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