Why So Much Hate For Rolex Luxury Watches?

Here is an article that is particularly close to my heart. I make myself a daily apostle of the Rolex manufacture, defending body and soul. Not that my mind is too narrow to see her, but that her detractors are too often lost in vague and unfounded arguments. Admittedly, some points of view are understandable and quite right, but too many sterile and ignorant critics deserve to be put in their place, with modesty and love.

What about the Bashing for Rolex Luxury Watches?

Today, talking about the brand to the crown has become synonymous with endless debate. Sometimes, no debate, but a few words exchanged with pleasure between lovers of beautiful pieces. But in the majority of cases, just finished saying the word Rolex as the flood of words explode. “What brand new rich”, “What brand of you have seen me”, “Sarkozy’s watch”, and so on. And it’s Rolex who toast. In some cases, I try to argue, in all transparency, and using my modest experience to defend manufacturing. In other cases, I prefer to keep quiet because the person in front of me refuses to hear anything, and even comes to judge the Rolex watch wearers.

Why so much hate?

Watchmaking ignorance, first of all In this majority of cases, the people who are in front of us know absolutely nothing about it. Not even an ounce of horological know-how. Those same people who think there is a battery in a Submariner. Hence the first thing that I retort in general: “Do you know a little Rolex manufacture, and the luxury watches that bear this name?”. You suspect the answer. It is obviously not important to know nothing about watchmaking. But nothing prevents us from looking, even succinctly, at what we do not know. Above all, do not make degrading comments if you do not even know what a mechanical watch is. Let’s be open to the unknown! Being the runner of simple-minded people, because it’s trendy  is not a good way to stand out. It’s a way to pass for a hollow person.

What I like to explain to people what a mechanical watch, the history of Rolex, like other major manufactures, to pass on to them my passion! Just as I like to learn when these same people talk to me about notions that escape me.

What to do, what to say then?

Two types of speech are then to be adopted, in my mind. We must obviously differentiate Rolex today, and Rolex yesterday. Even though today’s luxury watches have different and sometimes questionable positions, the quality is no less impressive. We can not blame people for not loving Rolex watches for their shapes, their design. All tastes are in nature. But for the rest, it’s more delicate.

We must begin by talking about the beginnings of the manufacture, its great dreams of waterproofness, a watch that is both elegant and chic. We must also mention the different families who have gone through the decades without getting a wrinkle, the use of these Luxury watches in more or less extreme situations. We must also highlight their manufacture, their movements and their reliability. 100% In-house. Of course, we do not forget that this unspeakable success was also based on the marketing genius of Hans Wilsdorf. This does not diminish the legitimacy of the brand, on the contrary. It’s part of the game

Rolex Luxury Watches yesterday and today

We can not deny the fact that Rolex has “surfed” on the wave of the watch easy to buy for those who wanted to have a good time. That’s why everyone is talking about the “new rich” gift. But precisely, this “new rich” buys what trust in the mistress, because he does not necessarily know, and that Rolex seems a safe bet.

For example, today, I often read that the Gmt-Master II “Pepsi” is inaccessible at Rolex. This is one of the opinions I share. Pay € 35,000 because this “sport” watch does not exist in steel (that would be a nice surprise for Basel …), is simply unthinkable. What is hard to believe, too, is that € 1000 separates a Submariner Date from a Submariner without date. We could also mention the creation of a shortage of supply and waiting lists of several months to wear his Daytona. This can only encourage to turn to small vintage nuggets.Vintage luxury watches are among the most collected, most appreciated for items that I have already mentioned in some articles, including the Gmt-Master and Daytona .

So yes, we can blame some things to Rolex. But that does not change and will never change the prestige of this legendary manufacture that makes Rolex what it is today. It is still the sport watch par excellence, the one that lasts a lifetime and gives you the same pleasure every morning. Let’s learn again to love the Rolex for what it is, far from conventional wisdom, for its timeliness, reliability, form and function. I would not say that it is illegitimate to wonder if our gaze is not itself influenced by this crown. Once again, the heart has its reasons that reason does not know.