What Are Orthotics And Why Do We Need Them?

First of all, before you even consider getting orthotics for your feet, you should visit your podiatrist. There are many good foot doctors out there, and if you need a suggestion check out the podiatrists in Sydney like ModPod Podiatry. Do not avoid the visit to the podiatrist, as that can only make things worse.

What are orthotics?

For those who are not familiar with the name, orthotics or foot orthoses are supports that we wear for our feet. They are designed in a way to fit your feet and help your conditions by correcting the way you walk and helping with your issue in general.

Orthotics or shoe inserts are made to correct the walk you walk

For the more serious cases, you might need to get the custom-made orthotics that will be specially tailored to your feet. However, keep in mind that if you do need orthotics that is something that your podiatrist will be able to tell you because in some cases doing regular exercises at home will be enough.

Common reasons for orthotics

Some of the most common reasons why people tend to use orthotics is because of heel and arch pain (plantar fasciitis), knee pain and the lower leg tendonitis which is the problem with posterior tibial tendon and Achilles, also known as shin splints. Foot orthotics are made from scans of your feet or casts, as your legs or feet will be measured properly and your condition will be diagnosed before this.

How long do they last?

Many patients that had thermoplastic devices were on a good road for a recovery since that works quite well, however, the rigidity and flexibly can still vary from one prescription to the other. The foot orthoses can last up to 10 years if they are made with high quality and used properly. If you are interested in orthotics, check out the foot orthotics from ModPod Podiatry.

The only reason why orthotics sometimes need to be changed is if they do not work well with your condition or you outgrow them in shoe size. Sometimes even a foot surgery or other trauma considering feet might cause you to have arthritis and the cost of the treatments can usually be covered the insurance company.

Having a proper running form can prevent injuries

How to use orthotics?

While many people adapt to orthotics quite easily, you should slowly work your way into them and adjust your feet. This can be done by wearing them just a few hours more each day until your feet get completely used to them. In any case, you should not use orthotics for an extended activity which can include sports, until you feel comfortable.

Orthotics should only be worn once you feel completely comfortable in them when doing sports or other activities because they can sometimes do more damage than good. This especially applies if you are wearing orthotics that do not suit your feet or if you do not need them. Wearing the off-the-shelf orthotics from any drug store is not a good idea if you do not really need them.

Final word

Something that can’t b stressed enough is that regular visits at your podiatrist are something you need to have if you are an athlete or you lead an overall active life. An active life means that your job or daily routine requires that you are on your foot over 60% of the day. People with such activities are more prone to feeling pain in their feet, so make sure visit a podiatrist or a physiotherapist.

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