Useful Recommendations And Tips To Import A Car To Australia

If you are planning to upgrade from online car sales, want to hang on to driving appeal, style and safety you are habituated to, but want to avoid high service costs and silly grumbles, you may choose among a great range of options.

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European cars that you can import from can look and feel special, drive well and be safe. And if you purchase new, replace every few years and are forever covered by a factory warranty, they provide fairly fuss-free ownership.

However if you will be buying a used one you should be wary. To start with, you will have to undergo an unavoidable process of refurbishment that is usually pricier than the Japanese alternatives and there are even chances to come across some odd complaints.

And this is regarding a good car. If you end up with a lemon, the expense of something big may drain blood from you.

Ford Focus

The second generation Focus is theoretically European as it’s designed by Europeans and manufactured in Belgium. It also has a continental vibe in the manner it drives, from the supple ride to the pin-sharp handling, while its cabin is extremely functional.

It’s also solidly safe, though you later need a higher level car to get the full advantage of contemporary safety gear.

However, it shares a lot with the 3 and is basically powered by the same 2.0L petrol drivetrain.

Lexus IS200

The Lexus hails from a higher plateau than other cars, being a compact prestigious sedan instead of a humble hatch.

Hence in spite of being much older than other brands it’s more desirable. It has good looks, tons of toys and a comfortable and agile drive.Contact Dazmac for Japanese car imports Sydney.

Mazda 3

Shared origins may make us throw a blanket over the Focus and the 3 when it’s about space, driving appeal, safety and practicality.

However, Mazda feels a higher quality vehicle, particularly inside, and its reliability features are stronger too. Safety features like curtain airbags were more widely availableearlier and then stability control was added in the 2006 update.

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Importing Cars from Japan to Australia

While importing a used car to Australia from Japan, you will have to study the rules, exceptions, import requirements and process. Exceptions will make rules easy. Typically you can import a car manufactured before 1st January 1989.

But exceptions to exceptions make things complicated. If the car was manufactured after 1st January 1989 but is listed in the exceptions under the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) program, it can be imported to Australia but it will be expensive and difficult.

Find the list of vehicles you can import to Australia under the RAWS program at

Import process is not horribly tricky. However, you should go step by step and in the right order. You can get its information here.

Australia-based customs clearance agents can make the process smooth for you and will provide you the latest information about the Australian side.

A good exporter on the Japan side will take care of things like finding a used car for you (at used car auctions, dealers or private sellers), bringing it to the port, clearing it through the Japanese customs (taking care of all paperwork and translations) and then shipping it to you to Australia.

As per professional Japan-based exporters of used cars to Australia, it’s better to stick to the pre-1989 cars to obtain a good value with least hassle.

Good pre-1989 Japanese mini-trucks such as 4WD Suzuki with a convenient dump body are also commonly shipped to Australia. This small truck is lightweight and very capable around town and off road.

Hopefully this information will be useful to you to make decisions about importing a car to Australia. So, make the right decision and enjoy driving a strong and fun car.

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