Use Professional Food Safety Auditors

Hiring an expert auditor might seem like a trip to the dentist, necessary but it could prove painful.

  • What will the auditor discover? How much will it cost to rectify?
  • Pre-audit, should you have a tidy up and check the paperwork is up to date to look good?
  • What happens if an expert finds a gap in knowledge or management flaws?
  • Do you dread the establishment, staff activity and records being scrutinised?
  • Isn’t hiring an expert auditor going to cost money that could be used elsewhere?
  • Why ask trouble to your door? Auditors always find something.

During a food safety audit, you may want to assume that food inspectors will find something, anything on purpose but they are reputable, ethical and should be fair.

This doesn’t mean that food inspectors are gullible and will believe a sorry tale about extenuating circumstances and give you a great result because you’ve assured them that something only happened today, for the first time.

The expert and professional food safety auditors from firms including Food Alert in London are not only trained, they’re vastly experienced in the industry.

They have the capability and practical knowledge to see potential problems so that preventative action can be taken. They will record any non-legislation meeting processes and facilities and highlight the need for changes, training, effective risk assessment and solutions.

When the “real” food safety audit from the Food Standards Agency and local authority occurs, there shouldn’t be any unwelcome surprises, if you take heed of the food inspectors advice.

Whilst management are urged to make impromptu food safety audits often this task falls down the list of priorities amongst the other claims on time and resources. By asking third party food inspectors to carry out audits you gain a true picture of how you and your team are performing but without the time being taken from your day.

There is also the possibility that as a proud owner or hands-off manager you’ll miss issues, purposefully ignore or indulge them, offer excuses and subsequently not attack the problems on your own initiative. It’s understandable, your business is your baby and no one likes to be told it’s not progressing well.

However, a professional food safety auditor doesn’t suffer from the same emotional pitfalls that you might. It’s either wrong or it’s right. They won’t shy away from the truth and you’ll be told it! The rest, the positive actions including establishing controls, risk assessments, investing in training courses, remedial work to maximise health and safety and so on, is entirely up to you.

You can wait until an official auditor restates the issues but why do this to yourself, your team and your business’ prosperity?

If a risk is present and endangers staff or consumers, the management has a duty of care to their employees and it’s perfectly reasonable for the diners to believe that you have all relevant food safety measures in place.

Don’t let them down or yourself down. Hire a professional food safety auditor.

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