URL Shortener: Why Your Online Business Needs One?

If your major business relies on tweaking tweets, you must be aware of the space importance. Twitter is a known social media platform that has potential of getting conversion for the businesses world-wide. Also, the platform is known for showing creative side of the marketing; conveying with less number of characters.

Here are top 5 reasons why it is important to have simple url shortener for your tweaks

URL links being extremely long can break when copied or sometimes have problem loading images with it. Hence; the marketing effort fails not letting you get your message viral. Web address shortener helps you to get engaging business.

Get better visibility on social media platforms

Like said earlier, if your business majorly depends on tweaking on Twitter, simple url shortener gives you the edge over the competition. It greatly increases your character count, which means you get to convey your message in a profound way.

Not only Twitter, short URLs are welcomed everywhere as they have the potential of tracking your social media information and how well they are performing, it’s amazing to see how these tiny miniscule URLs can make wonders to your marketing campaigns.

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Long URLs are difficult to read and the chances are if you need to write down they are often incorrect. Web address shortener avoids this problem; making it easier for you to jot down or paste it at a desired place.

They fit easily into various social media advertising mediums

Often we come across, huge long URLs which really looks creepy in the social media post. It takes away the appeal on reading hence there is less or no “likes” and “shares”. Shortening your URL will enhance your message thus giving you potential results.

Search Engine Optimized

Any good URL shortening service will be able to pass information which will in-turn targetsthe page by using 301 redirect. Hence; the post will be getter better visibility and help your page rank ahead on search engines.


Before you plunge into short url services, it is important to know the understandings and features of URL compressor. They are amazing internet tool to have for your online marketing campaign; leaving great impression on your customers/clients and not to forget better visibility which means more leads and more conversions.

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