The Top Reasons to See an Orthodontist for Your Health

Most people think that seeing the orthodontist Annapolis is only for people with misaligned teeth who want braces. And while it’s true that a great orthodontist can give you a straight, stunning smile with braces such as Invisalign, there are other health-based reasons to visit an orthodontist as well, such as:

1) Reduced headaches

Headaches can be caused by all sorts of things, but it’s important to remember that teeth and jaw problems are often at the root of head pain. After all, your jaw is the only moving part in your skull, and it makes sense that problems with the alignment of your jaw can translate into local pain and discomfort in your head.

Temple headaches and headaches at the base of the head, or behind your eyes are often caused by problems in your mouth. Orthodontic procedures, such as braces to fix misalignment or mouth guards to stop bruxism (teeth grinding) can help ameliorate these problems.

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2) Improved oral hygiene

You knew that braces can help give you a stunning smile, but did you know that they can also improve your oral hygiene? It’s true!

When you have misaligned teeth, a tooth that sticks out, gaps, or excessive crowding, cleaning your teeth can be a challenge. This goes for brushing as well as flossing. Getting into hard to reach crevices with your brush and floss can be so hard that buildup of plaque and food particles may develop into a cavity or periodontitis, a gum disease.

Furthermore, when you have misaligned teeth, this can make even going to get a cleaning at your dentist difficult. The dental technician may find it just as difficult to get to hard-to-reach places between your teeth, which can lead to further decay and possible cavities down the line.

3) Improved TMJ

TMJ is a small clicking pop that occurs between your skill and your jaw. It’s common in those who struggle with anxiety and stress because these individuals may end up tensing and tightening their jaws when they get worried and stressed. It’s also common in those who grind their teeth at night.

This tightening of the jaw can cause damage in your teeth and jaw. Fortunately, with help from a reputable orthodontist Annapolis, you can fix your TMJ and have a more comfortable teeth alignment.

4) Improved self confidence

Finally, those who have misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or gaps in their teeth can go to an orthodontist to get their teeth straightened with braces. And this, in turn, can give these individuals improved confidence across the board.

It can be stressful to speak in public, go on a date, or smile for pictures when you know your teeth aren’t straight. Braces that are put in by a quality, experienced orthodontist Annapolis can give you back your confidence and self-esteem.


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