Smart Search Techniques to Find Right Used Car Online

The average age of first time car owners in India has reduced and come down to the 20s. The younger generation is buying cars very easily these days. They prefer to buy the used cars as their first car instead of buying a new one.

And just like everything else they are engaging in online searching of used Toyota Innova in Bangalore. But not all the time their search criteria is going to be correct. So here is how you should be looking for a used car online.

Start with Car Type

First decide what type of car you want to buy. You can look for cars using their type like sedan or hatchback or SUV. This will help you narrow down the search criteria.

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Search with Budget

Once you have decided the car type, you can next use budget as a search criteria. You can say look for hatchback cars within 3 lakhs.

Search with Brand

If you know which brand of car you would prefer, you can use this factor to narrow down your options. So you can just use Google to look for a used Innova for 3 lakhs. This will give you results that are more relevant and targeted for you.

Age of the Car

If you have decided well in advance that you are not going to buy a used car beyond a certain manufacturing year, then you can put that in your search dimension.

Search with Colour

A lot of people are also fixated on the colour of the car that they want to buy. Although white and black are the most sought after colours, there is a wide palate for buyers to choose from. So yon use colour choice as well an effective search criteria for used cars.


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