Sexy lingerie for your body figure

Every woman has a different body type some have apple, pear or banana shape body figure while others have hourglass shape body type. Every body type requires some specific design of dressing to look more attractive and sexy. When it comes to lingerie, it becomes more important to right types of lingerie that can suit to your body type because a right type of lingerie make you look more gorgeous and boost your confidence. There are different types of lingerie are available in market. Many stores provide all types of sexy lingerie at reasonable price. If you are looking for cheap sexy lingerie there are maximum chances to choose right lingerie for your body types without going out of your budget limitation.

V- Cut panties for apple shape body type: Women having v-shaped body figure carry more weight on the top half than bottom. V-cut panties can be better solution to draw attention to bottom or slender legs. A gorgeous, full coverage bra can be paired with it and it is also helpful to balance overweight chest.

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Ruffle bra cup for pear shape body type: Women having pear shape carry more weight on their hips or thighs and have small buts. Having pear shaped body you need to choose something that can help you to look balanced. To balance your bottoms you can choose ruffle bra cups or even demi fit that can induce volume in chest. A fuller sexy pant can be excellent item to pair with.

Demi cups for banana shape body type: Women having banana shaped body figure must be more conscious about their body type when choosing lingerie. This shape indicates to a body type that has small chest and hips with minimum curves. Demi cups can be the best option for banana shape body type because it makes chest area look voluminous and make cleavage.

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