Pub Games- เว็บแทงบอล

The Germans love them, neat pubs offer them – and we write about them: Here is our Top 5 of the best and most popular pub games.

Imagine the following situation: Sitting with friends in the nearest pub, the topics of conversation suddenly start to peter out and boredom spreads เว็บแทงบอล. Or you have absolutely nothing to say on a miserable date and want to escape the unpleasant silence as quickly as possible. Or the ability to communicate leaves more and more to be desired with increasing alcohol level. Or you simply feel the need to move a bit so you do not get stuck on the hard barstool …

For such and several other conceivable scenarios, there is an equally perfect and simple solution, and that is: Let’s play pub games!

Here are our top most entertaining and best bar games.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a kind of miniature version of ice hockey, much like kicker is the smaller table version of football. Unfortunately, this game of skill, unlike Kicker, but only suitable for two players. The playing field consists of a special table, about the size of a pool table, on whose short sides the two players face each other. Each player has a long slot on his side of the table, which he tries to defend with his special, hard-elastic bat. Because the goal of the game is to push the puck into the goal of the opponen เว็บแทงบอลt.

Extremely fast

The special feature of the air hockey table: The surface is extremely smooth and even. In addition, small holes constantly blow air upwards – this causes the puck to whiz over the playing surface almost without friction, sometimes faster than you can see.

The material of both the approximately palm-sized racket and the outer bands ensures, in addition to the air cushion that forms under the puck, for a strong acceleration of the. This results in a very high game speed – and the speed of the game makes it so exciting and a real challenge.

Air Hockey is action-packed, goes lightning fast and is guaranteed not boring, because it requires the highest concentration and above all responsiveness. In addition, there are few rules to understand or study. Since this is a very informal game, it usually runs in such a way that the players briefly agree on their exact way of playing before beginning. Air Hockey can be learned within minutes and requires no prior knowledge.

Fresh wind

The big disadvantage is that it is much more common in the US than in Germany. There and in other countries it is so popular that there are even air hockey competitions and championships. In contrast, we rarely find it here – and if so, then in game and billiard halls or on bowling alleys, but unfortunately less in pubs เว็บแทงบอล. That’s a pity, because air hockey could often offer a successful change from the usual, well-known games and bring a little fresh wind in the dusty corners of many a pub in which there have been no changes for centuries felt.


Much more talent and practice than air hockey requires the good old pub game darts. Everyone has the round dartboard with the so-called bullseye in the middle in mind, but not all really know the rules in detail. This is not least because there are many different game variants, such as 301/501, blind killer or fox hunting.

Basically , darts are about throwing the darts (which are called darts and giving the game its name) onto the target while aiming as well as possible.

Old and new school

A neat, high-quality dartboard is made from African sisal fibers. However, there are also cheap versions, which consist of cork or paper. There is the variant of the old school, which is played with so-called Steel Darts with metal tip, and in which one still has to add his own points. Of course, there are also electronic dartboards and automats available today. The arrows used here have a plastic tip and are much lighter than the steel darts. They are called E-darts or soft darts. Counting and summing up the points is done by the machine for the players.

Darts – luck or skill?

Darting was declared a game of skill in 1908. Until then, it could not be played in pubs, because it was secretly dismissed as gambling – and the operation of gambling in restaurants was prohibited and was punished accordingly. So it happened that an innkeeper named Jim Garside, who had the guests play darts in his “Adelphi Inn”, was charged. At this time William “Bigfoot” Anakin was the best dart player in the area. And this is exactly what Garside supported during his trial.