Kickboxing Circuit Workout.

Taekwondo has become a very popular sport for the past 20 years and is a fun and effective way to lose weight, staying in shape and staying in shape. Boxing has many styles, including martial arts and aerobics or aerobic boxing (Boxing Certification). Regardless of your preferences, Taekwondo is an effective whole-body exercise that not only keeps you in shape, but also makes you feel physically and mentally safer through your personal defense roots. Taekwondo is especially suitable for women seeking weight loss solutions. If you don’t have the time or luxury to join a Taekwondo course or a personal trainer, you can create or customize a simple and effective Taekwondo workout at home. Taekwondo is a great cardiovascular and strength training that helps you gain strength, endurance and flexibility for multiple muscle groups. This will help you build muscle and gain more energy, especially if you have a protective bag to start your technique. The shoulders, arms, abdominal muscles and thighs are the target muscles for Taekwondo training. This is a fast and effective 30 minute taekwondo workout that you can do at home, in the gym or elsewhere. First, use a 2 minute continuous rope to jump up and warm up. Skipping is one of the best aerobic exercises. It can help you quickly increase your heart rate and build your muscles. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can simply run around or jump. Then stretch your muscles. It is important to warm up first to avoid stretching and hurting cold muscles. Make sure you have a good stretch to avoid getting hurt. For this training, I used my free bag. It can also work without heavy handbags or focus gloves, but will definitely burn more calories and produce more muscle when actually in contact with the target. If you want to stretch your arms without lifting weights, carrying a heavy bag is definitely the way to go. It is also very interesting and a good way to relieve stress. In each of the following combinations, kickboxing begins 10 times: (The following technical guide provides beginners with instructions on how to perform different techniques)

#1 – Jab, right kick.

#2 – jab, cross, exchange house

#3 – Jab,cross,left punch,right round kick

#4 – jab, cross, left hook, right upper cut, home switch

Rest for 30 seconds

Kick right 10 times

Kick 10 out of the house on the left: In these kicks, if you have a bag, force and exhale each time you hit the ball, making sure to turn and rotate your hips for full contact. If you don’t have a package or a target to beat, it’s technology and size.

30 seconds – 1 minute break

Then you will repeat the following 10 times:


Jab, cross

Turn right

Left hook, upper right cut

Right upper cut, left hook

Jab, cross, right knee

Jab, cross, knee change

Jab, cross, right knee, round kick.

Jab, cross, change the knee, kick to the left.

1 minute break

10 times, left front kick, 10 right kicks, 10 left kicks, 10 right kicks

25 jumps 10 times joint pump 15 times complete abdominal muscles

30 seconds – 1 minute break

Repeat the circuit for the second time.Complete the training through practice:

30 seconds of alternating shots in the sitting position/horse position – (pull down with the palm of your hand and hit the elbow back with the other hand) 30 seconds on the left side of the jab and 30 seconds on the right side of the jab (as soon as 10 seconds have passed) Then cool and stretch to complete the workout. From start to finish, the training should last a total of about 30 minutes. To customize the workout, you can change the combination, add more combinations, make more repeats or repeat the circuit 2 to 3 times instead of once. Taekwondo is very beneficial, not only for good exercise that improves balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance and overall health, but it can also help relieve stress.


Have fun!