How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets

Bed sheets can be of two types, fitted or loose. Based on the type of sheets that are bought the dimensions of the sheets also vary. There are many factors to consider before buying a bed sheet. They are mentioned below in the order of importance.

Size of the Mattress

This is one of the most important considerations when buying a bed sheet. When the sheets required are fitted, it is the best to get sheets of exact measurements. Sheets that are too short would not fit the mattress but sheet that are bigger can be tucked in but look less neat. When the sheets are loose, things to consider are the mattress dimensions as well as the height of the bed. To make the process of selection easier, there is categorization of mattress sizes such as twin, twin XL, Queen, King etc., and Make sure to keep the measurements of the mattress at hand to determine the most

Material of the bed sheets

The most popular fabric used for bed sheets is cotton, closely followed by the cheaper option of a cotton polyester blend, marketed as easy care as it withstands frequent washings without wrinkling and is very durable. The best blend to look for is the 90 % cotton and 10% polyester sheets, but any sheets with the % of polyester exceeding 30% will not feel nice and makes the person uncomfortable and sweaty.

If opting for cotton sheets the most popular cotton sheets are made of special type of cottons such as pima cotton (trademarked supima), Sea Island cotton and Egyptian cotton. Sheets made from these cottons are less likely to pill, wrinkle and last much longer than the sheets made with normal cotton. The downside is that they are much costlier than the normal cotton sheets.

Some other popular materials sheets are made of are,

Linen – Costly, wrinkle easily but great for a hot, humid weather.

Bamboo fibre – Antimicrobial with sweat wicking properties.

Satin – Slippery and soft, but often too hot for a comfortable usage when made of polyester or acetate.

Type of Weave

There are mainly three types of weave used in bed sheets, percale, sateen and jersey.

Percale – plain weave sheet with crisp and cool feel. Great for people who get over heated when they sleep.

Sateen – Sheets have a softer feel, like satin and are made from mercerised cotton that is less wrinkly.

Jersey sheets – woven with a flat knit like in a t shirt, soft but prone to slippages and a tendency to shift around.

Thread Count of the bed sheet

Bed sheets with a higher thread count last longer and are significantly stiffer assuming all other features are the same. The best choice for a balance of durability and flexibility a thread count between 400 and 500 is the most desirable.

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