How To Choose A Good Credit Card Terminal

Credit cards are an important part of the retail experience nowadays. So as a business owner, you want to have a way to accept credit card payments. This means you will need to get a credit card terminal. However, when you’re in the market for one, you’ll notice that there are several choices available. To make an informed choice, here’s a brief look at what you should be looking for in a good credit card terminal.

Terminal Types

First of all, you’ll want to narrow down what type of credit card terminal you will be purchasing. Different terminals have different advantages and you’ll want the best fit for your store. There are three current choices:

Traditional Retail. If you’ve used a credit card any time in the past few decades, you’re familiar with this type of terminal. This is usually used for card-present transactions. This means the card is physically present. It is used via simply swiping the card through the card reader. If you add a PIN pad, you can even take in debit cards. Additionally, there is a printer to print out the receipts for your customer to sign. Nowadays, you can also use these terminals for card-not-present transactions by just keying in the card number for any orders.

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Mobile and Wireless. This is a bit of an upgrade for your terminal. This allows for mobile transactions using a smart phone or tablet. Just sign up with a service provider and they will have an app ready to install. You can then use this app to start accepting major credit and debit cards.

Virtual Terminals. With the popularity of online purchases, you’ll want to break into that market, too. A virtual terminal is what you’ll use for accepting credit card payments online.

In truth, you’ll most likely be needing two out of three types to fully service your business, especially if your business intends to service a lot of customers across a wide range of platforms.

Features to Look For

Besides looking at the terminal types, there are several features that you should be looking for. When you’re shopping around, these three should be at the top of your mind:

Fast and reliable processing. When you want to process credit cards, you want it done quickly and reliably. No disconnections or delays. Customers are notoriously impatient. When they hand over that credit card, they expect that transaction to be done in seconds. You don’t want a terminal that is known for delays or disconnections. Furthermore, being reliable means you want accurate transactions so that you won’t be receiving complaints in the future.

Security. Credit card fraud is sadly prevalent nowadays. You don’t want your business to be dragged into it. That’s why you want a processing service that protects the data and yourself from theft and fraud. This should go beyond ID checks and includes PIN security and EMV compliance. It should also be future-proofed to ensure continued security.

Intuitive interface. You want a terminal that’s easy to use. This is to ensure that your employees can all use it properly.

Picking the right terminal can increase sales and improve your profit margin. Make the right choice using this simple criterion to ensure your business’ success. We’ve more tips at You can also visit for more materials on credit card terminal security.
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