How to Buy a Used Car in Bangaluru?

It’s a common practice among the ‘floating population’ of Bangalore to buy a second hand car, just like getting a house on rent. But the popularity of practice doesn’t make it easier as not only do the people in question lack a sound knowledge of the market but the number of online portals that offer the service more often than add to the difficulty of the situation.


Trubil is an online platform that not only allows you to select the car one needs from among a great variety of cars using multiple filters like car model, price, fuel type, body type, owner, year Truscore, region, kilometers driven, color, transmission type and features include, but also offers expert assistance if the above isn’t enough to help one select a car. Once a car selected and one has contacted the owner and negotiated price, one needs to go through some paperwork as described below.

Documents to check before buying a Used Car

Some important documents to be checked while buying a used car are given below–

  1. Check for the owner’s name, address and VIN on the Registration Card.
  2. Match the above information with the ID proof of the seller
  3. Although an expired insurance policy won’t hamper the transfer, one must check the details on insurance papers by matching the VIN from RC and that of the Insurance Policy
  4. Check if the car was bought with a car loan. If yes, ask for NOC by the bank from the seller as it will be required to transfer the RC

Important points to be kept in mind

  1. At the time of re-registration, a seller need not be present at the RTO. It is the responsibility of the buyer to get all the documents inline.
  2. If the signature of the seller on the documents and ID proof differs, the RTO may call the seller to avoid any frauds like theft of the car.

c.One must confirm the exact time needed to complete the process.

  1. Since all the documents will be with the RTO during the transfer process, as a matter of caution, the seller must submit a Form TCR to intimate the RTO office along with copy of ID & address proof of the buyer.

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