Fortnite vs. Black Ops 4 vs. PUBG: Who Is Growing In Popularity?

While the battle of the Battle Royale was played primarily between Fortnite (fortnite hack) and PUBG. Black Ops 4 was released on October 12, and is listed as a serious competitor. But for now, who wins the popularity battle? Is the craze for Black Ops 4 in time? First of all, it is a question here of comparing the popularity of each title and especially the evolution in time. Although the popularity index is not representative of the quality of the game, it remains a good indicator to understand the changes in the Battle Royale market .

In addition, this comparison must be weighted by the fact that Fortnite is free , while the other two titles are paid. In addition, PUBG can buy  for 20 € , while Black Ops 4 is 60 € . These are therefore criteria to be taken into account in this comparison. It is also for these reasons that we will not compare the number of players. But the evolution of the number of players as well as the interest of users or Twitch.

Fortnite vs Black Ops 4 vs. PUBG: Popularity on Twitch

Twitch is an important channel for the promotion of video games. It generates the desire to play, maintains interest, keeps the game in the news, stimulates competition. The number of Fortnite spectators is holding up well over time. Since September, it has averaged 150,000 viewers a month. The numerous updates, additions of content and events largely support the Twitch flow.

COD Black Ops 4: Evolution of Twitch viewers

Regarding COD Black Ops 4, the game is still too recent. We clearly see the peak during the launch. However the title falls quickly. But for now the average viewers on the few days of November is 62 580. Which is quite honorable. Maintaining this figure over the coming months would be a great success.

PUBG: Evolution of Twitch viewers

Black Ops 4 was released on October 12th and PUBG has a slight drop in October and November. However the richness of the Battle Royale PUBG could maintain the title. The average audience of PUBG is 30,818 on the first 7 days of November.

Fortnite vs Black Ops 4 vs PUBG: Evolution of Interest  on the Web

Interest on the web is measured with Google Trends. The trend is strongly dominated by Fortnite. In fact, events, updates and additions to content keep the interest on the Web and Fortnite news. Black Ops 4 takes advantage of a spike at its launch, then joins PUBG.

Fortnite (fortnite hack) has so far no real competitor. His style of play, construction make this title a phenomenon that will certainly last. While PUBG and Black Ops 4 are on a closer field, more realistic Battle Royale. Competition between these two titles should be agitated soon. The arrival of PUBG on PS4 , Blackout mode changes of Black Ops 4, no doubt it will be animated! In addition, Battlefield V will also land with its Battle Royale mode.Awesome site to visit.