Care To Be Taken While Importing A Boat To Australia

Buying a watercraft overseas tends to complicate the process. Here are things to consider while importing your boat to Australia from another country.

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Think Why You Want to Buy Overseas and Not Locally

The first question you should ask yourself why I bother so much with buying from overseas and not locally. Australia has some of the world class boat builders. Marinas here are brimming with new and used boats.

Well, price is often the main motivating factor. Boats in other countries are usually cheaper. However, there’s a saying ‘when you pay peanuts, you receive monkeys’!

So, ensure that the boat you are looking for overseas is:

  • Cheaper
  • Worth
  • Better


Other than the actual price of the boat, you will have to add many factors to the cost of the boat when you look for to buy it overseas, whether the boat is new or second hand.

For example, you will have to change the electrical systems to comply with your home port. Electronic systems too differ a lot in various countries around the world. On the other hand, wind is free wherever you go.

Consider also the cost when you get the boat delivered to Australia from various places. If you have enough time, you can purchase a boat and deliver it on your own; but that too has its own cost. Visit to know more.

You should also remember that sometimes, what you are under the impression that you are purchasing is not actually you end up with. You have to have a lot of diligence.


Purchasing overseas carries a risk. You need to deal constantly with unknown people and new processes, and depend on others for proper advice. As a part and parcel of the process, in addition to the fact that you cannot afford to travel to the other country in question to visit and scrutinise the product, you have to rely on the photos, reviews and interpretations of other people.

Here you will have to take risk for granted, because there is no such thing as security in life! Life in itself is risky and the more daring your dream, the bigger will be the risk. We all die – there are no survivors! So, you need to consider the end game.

So, if it is worth or not can be decided only by you.


The term ‘better’ is tricky. Better in terms of you may mean that the craft is exactly as you want it and is not present in your own backyard.

Better may also mean that you want new which in turn means purchasing directly from the yard.

Better may have a hoard of meanings but perhaps the easiest is to decide to make life better by choosing something different.

For example, starting from overseas i.e. so far from home may be appealing to you. Starting directly on the opposite side of the planet as that of yours eliminates the handy option of reaching home and leaving it.

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Understand the Risk

The largest risk in buying overseas is that you can’t physically look, feel, touch or test the boat you intend to buy. Moreover, the internet has facilitated the dishonest and wicked, to take undue advantage of susceptible people from everywhere, and not only in their own harbour.

What’s the guarantee that you are not the next victim?

All in all, you will have to be ready to do things a bit differently. You should brace to purchase products at extreme rates if you buy only through the yards agent or be ready to do the hard work and purchase elsewhere.

Make sure that you import a boat from Dazmac Logistics, for example, where you can have a water tight contact that makes sure you are getting what you are expecting.

Consider all these points and make sure you will enjoy your purchase to the fullest.

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