Are Luxury Drug Rehab Facilities Worth the Cost?

Substance abuse addiction affects people from all walks of life. The growing number of rehab centers across the country is a constant reminder of how the problem has escalated over the years. People who suffer from addiction problems have various options for treatment ranging from “bare-bones” rehab centers to conventional full service facilities to luxury  treatment “resorts.” The right facility is key to kicking your addiction habits. If a luxury drug rehab facility Los Angeles can put you on the road to recovery, it’s well worth the cost.


Luxury rehab centers offer a number of perks to go with your substance abuse treatment program that average centers do not.  Depending on the center you choose, you can expect to enjoy any of the following:

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  • Private rooms
  • gourmet cuisine
  • spa treatments such as massage and aromatherapy
  • holistic care or alternative therapies to include meditation, yoga and acupuncture
  • more personal attention due to lower staff to patient ratio
  • customized substance abuse treatments

You may find the comfort and amenities offered by a luxury drug rehab facility Los Angeles more conducive to helping you overcome your addiction problem. When selecting a rehab center, it’s important to consider what will help you succeed in becoming drug free. A luxury rehab center could be just what you need for recovery.


In addition to extra amenities, luxury rehab centers offer patients customized substance abuse treatments to meet their individual needs. These include:

Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT) – combine the use of medications and behavior therapy to help patients overcome drug and alcohol addictions. These treatments have been highly effective in long term recovery.

Matrix Model Treatments (MM) – therapists develop a teacher/coach relationship with their patients to help them overcome their addiction problems. The therapy sessions are designed to promote a patient’s dignity, confidence and self-esteem so they can make progress towards recovery.

Contingency Management Treatments – makes use of incentives and rewards to motivate patients to make progress towards recovery. Patients receive vouchers for abstaining from alcohol or drugs which can be cashed in for currency, food, concert tickets, movie passes, etc.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – focuses on helping patients recognize negative thought patterns that can lead them to developing substance abuse problems. Patients are encouraged to avoid the situations that trigger these thought patterns or learn to react differently to them.

Dual Diagnosis Treatments – handles substance abuse and mental health issues concurrently to promote long lasting recovery.

By providing a more comfortable environment and offering personalized treatments and care, luxury substance abuse centers can make it easier for people to recover from an addiction. Treatment from a luxury drug rehab facility Los Angeles could be the first step towards a happier, healthier, drug free future for you and your family.

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