6 Striking Barn Door Trends

Today’s homeowner is seeking beautiful spaces that offer more than one use. They want larger areas for entertaining, but want to enjoy the same spaces for more intimate gatherings and relaxing with the family. Thanks to the genious ideas of interior designers, the rise of the vintage,”repurpose, reuse and renew” trend and thoughtful engineers, barn doors and barn door hardware have become a popular addition to any home. Not only do barn doors add a timeless decorating element, they offer versatility. For example, a large space can be beautfiully sectioned into two smaller spaces with a sliding barn door adorned with the perfect hardware accents. And it’s important to note that these doors are not only being reclaimed from actual barns, they are being built brand new to meet the specifications of both new builds and remodeled homes. What this means is this is a trend that is evolving as a classic design in homes everywhere.

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Here are some other ways this trend is changing interior design.

  1.  Dining Rooms & Kitchens:  Barn doors create a decorative divider between the kitchen and the dining area while entertaining. When the door is pulled closed, it creates a division between the prep area and the dining area masking the mess from guests.
  2.  Bedroom:  Barn doors styles are perfect for bedrooms, especially lofts and open areas. The sliding doors create a privacy divider between the sleeping area, the bathroom and the dressing area. Decorative barn door hardware combined with the beautiful doors create an artistic touch to the room, too.
  3. Utility Rooms & Pantries:  Whether it’s the laundry room, the pantry or mud room, rolling barn doors help mask the mess of everyday life, while offering a style like no other. Multitaskers paint doors with chalkboard paint for family to do lists creating a customized style.
  4.  Family Rooms & Dens:  Home is where the heart and the barn door is. Barn doors are perfect for larger rooms that are used for many different sized gatherings. Open the barn door and the room can accommodate a large crowd. Close the barn door and create smaller, more intimate spaces.
  5.  Patios & Outdoor Spaces: Bring the outdoors in by extending your living space to outdoors. Today’s homeowners are spending as much time designing their outdoor decks, patios and gardens as they are their inside decor. Barn doors and decorative barn door hardware gives the homewoner the opportunity to slide open the doors so the outside spaces become one with the inside area.
  6.  Home Office:  More and more homeowners are working from home and need a home office that is functional, fashionable and private.  Barn doors meet the needs of todays’ business professional by separating the office space from other parts of the home.

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