4 Early Warning Signs of a Faulty Used Car

Whether your decision of going for a used car will be the best financial decision or the worst one depends on the condition of the car that you are looking for. One needs to be really vigilant while looking for a used car in Bangalore for sale,else there are chances of getting cheated.

There are few warning signs that you must be aware of, which suggest that the used car you are looking at is a faulty one.

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  1. If the seller is not willing to share the repair records, then it suggests that the vehicle was not serviced at a reliable service station. A good owner will always have a detailed set of records with him.

  1. If the vehicle has many dents on the body or if it has ugly stains on the upholstery or there are strong odours, then it signals that the car was not treated well. Though you may argue that these are superficial signs of neglect, one who does not care about the looks will seldom care about the mechanical condition.

  1. Get the oil checked by your trusted mechanic who can tell you if it feels gritty or is coal black in colour. Only genuine car owners will get the oil changed on time and this is thus a good indicator of knowing if the vehicle should be bought or not.

  1. You should keep your eyes open to see if the owner has tidied up his car in a good will or for obscuring the defects. For instance, if you feel that the engine compartment is recently cleaned, then it could be the sign of hiding the leaking oil.

When you go for a used car deal, keep your eyes and ears open for all little details that point towards a faulty deal.


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